Turning Potential Into Achievement​
Our Mission

To prepare leaders in mind, body, and character; for success in college, career and a life of service within the global community through an education that values honor, courage and commitment

Our Vision

To graduate leaders of noble character with a professional and successful attitude while serving others

Our Values

Accountability, Commitment To Success, Respect, Responsibility, Safety, Achievement, Attitude, Competence, Professionalism and Empowerment

Why Valor?

With thousands of our young black students dropping out of school every day, we are in danger of losing the progress that has taken the prior generation hundreds of years to achieve. Valor Military Academy will teach our young girls and boys their history and the importance of knowing that our ancestors paid a high price for the opportunities and lifestyles they are able to enjoy today. 

Hardly a week goes by that the news does not broadcast black-on-black crimes, many of them involving the killing of children. Valor Military Academy will help them to be more caring and concerned about how they interact with others and the environment in which they live.

Get Started!

For more information about admissions or to make an appointment to visit our Detroit, Michigan campus, call 1-313-400-9456 or email the VMA Admissions Director at [email protected]. You can also complete the form below!