Learning Skills

Learning Skills

VMA approaches the teaching of Learning Skills as an integral part of the Academic Program. A student, we have found, learns, and applies “learning techniques and strategies” more readily if he sees an immediate and useful application for these skills. To accomplish this objective, Learning Skills are taught within the context of regular classes.

Test Taking is taught by the Science Department and includes a general overview of how to approach the taking of a test, how to take different types of tests and how to prepare for the different types of tests.

Critical Thinking is taught by the Mathematics Department and includes creative thinking, problem-solving, and the application of memory techniques.

Writing is taught by the English Department. The pre-writing process, the writing process, and the techniques of revising and editing are covered thoroughly.

Reading is taught by every Academic Department. The student learns a variety of techniques to assist him with the different types of reading he is required to do at Valor, as well as those that are required in college and in life.

Note Taking is taught by the History Department. Emphasis is placed on listening, taking notes in class, taking notes as one reads, and constant revision of notes.

Memory Techniques are taught by the Foreign Language Department. Various time-proven memory assistance techniques arc taught, including the use of mnemonic devices.

Time Management Methods are taught by the student’s faculty advisor. Each advisor discusses with his advisee the importance of planning and the proper and efficient use of time. As a practical application of time management and organizational skills, each student is required to keep an assignment notebook which is subject to random checks by both classroom teachers and study hall monitors.

Graduation Requirements
Valor offers a comprehensive diploma option: A 23-credit Academic Diploma. Students seeking an Advanced Studies Diploma may or may not be enrolled in Honors-level courses.

Grading Scale

  • A = 94-100
  • B = 86-93
  • C = 78-85
  • D = 70-77
  • F = Below 70