About Valor

Valor Military Academy’s mission is to prepare leaders in mind, body, and character; for success in college, career and a life of service within the global community through an education that values honor, courage and commitment. Our vision is to prepare leaders in mind, body, and character; for success in college, career and a life of service within the global community through an education that values honor, courage and commitment.

At Valor, we will teach young girls and boys:

  • Their history and the importance of knowing that our ancestors paid a high price for the opportunities and lifestyles they are able to enjoy today
  • How to defend themselves against unfair law practices
  • How to make wise decisions that will prevent occasions of possible danger
  • How to be more caring and concerned about how they interact with others and the environment in which they live
  • How to develop values that will guide their decision-making throughout their lives

This guiding principle is the foundation for all aspects of life at Valor. From the time Minister Dwight Crank founded our military school for and continuing through present day, the faculty, staff and administration have worked to maintain the high ideals and traditional values necessary to provide our Corps of Cadets with quality instruction. We provide a caring, structured environment which promotes personal growth.

Our military school is located in the historic city of Detroit, Michigan. With an enrollment of about 600 students in grades 6 through 12, we offer non-boarding education to eligible local residents. Our Valor Military Academy cadets receive school supervision and may earn weekend classes for consideration. Academic emphasis, a 20:1 student-teacher ratio and structure are all a part of what makes Valor Military Academy a fulfilling student life experience.

From the moment a Valor student matriculates until the time he strides proudly across the graduation stage, the VMA Mission permeates every aspect of his experience. Academic achievement, attention to detail, time-management development, personal accomplishment and pride are the direct benefits of the Valor Mission.

Championing The Cause

Why Is The Academy Needed In Metro Detroit?

With statistics from the Obama Administration, the President has begun an initiative program called My Brother’s Keeper due to 52% of young black men overall graduating but in Detroit, only 20% of black males graduated in 2009-2010. The Detroit Free Press reported on March 9, 2014, that the rate of African Americans being involved in a homicide or incarcerated was 13 times higher than any other race. There are just a few of the statistics we pulled to see why this academy is so important for our young black men.

According to www.city-date.com, Detroit ranks 6th out of 101 cities for the most single moms raising kids. We spoke to numerous parents especially single mothers, asking if they felt this academy would be an asset not to only them but, of course to the children as well. The parents overwhelmingly agreed it would be a huge help to the community.

Valor is unique among schools in Detroit because we’ve spent years learning how to motivate and educate young people. One of the most effective aspects of our program is the “thin-layer learning” approach in which students cover manageable amounts of every subject every day. In this way, cadets stay immersed in their subject materials throughout the year without over­ extending attention spans. This traditional method of instruction eliminates the need for constant review and serves to help students master subjects thoroughly. 

We have the support of some military veterans, such as Tuskegee Airmen, and many more that are ready to build these young girls and boys up with honor and respect. Other militaries and academies have been successful in the past and: we too are destined for greatness. Funds raised will be used to purchase an equivalent building in the city of Detroit for our program to reside. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Dwight Crank is the Founder of Valor Military Academy. He is a licensed Minister and Veteran Police Officer with 15 years of experience in law enforcement. Born in Detroit in a single-parent home, Dwight’s past childhood experience as a teen struggling to obtain notoriety and pursuit of the fast life has inspired me to aid as a resolve for at-risk youth. 

Dwight has personally witnessed the demise of youth in our society daily. His affiliation with gangs as a young man has given him a direct connection into the minds of young girls and boys seeking safety, acceptance and sense of family. This led Dwight to establish Valor Military Academy in 2014.

The Valor Military Academy Team is made of up:

  • Active and Veteran Military Leaders
  • Community Leaders
  • Teachers
  • Ministers
  • Business Owners