Why Valor

Small Classes, Individual Attention

At Valor Military Academy, no one gets lost in the crowd. Students are more to us than their ID numbers. Classes at Valor average 15-20 students. Cadets are directly engaged, monitored, and mentored by their instructors. Extra help sessions are readily available for those who may need a little more time with particular concepts. Our classroom instructors also serve as coaches and club advisors, affording them additional contact with their pupils an insight into their personalities, learning styles, and needs.

Commitment To Technology

Since our founding in 2016, Valor Military Academy has sought to provide students with the strongest academic programs available. This commitment has only grown stronger over the years. Today, VMA cadets prepare for college using the latest classroom technology. SMART Boards, Campus-wide WIFI, and a staff of caring professionals who are dedicated to a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education combine to give Valor students a true advantage in the transition to a college environment.

100% College Placement Rate

Valor commits to a 100% College Acceptance Rate for its graduates. Throughout their careers, VMA cadets are immersed in a culture where college preparation is the norm. Working closely with our Guidance Director, students explore opportunities and varied interests during their search for a college or university that is the right fit for them. Success in college hinges upon preparedness as well as finding a post-secondary environment where one can continue to thrive. When a Valor student earns his/her diploma, they leave our campus secure in the knowledge that they can move on to a bright future at a college or university well-suited to his/her interests and ambitions.