STEM Initiatives

Preparing Students For College and Beyond

Grounding a student’s dynamic educational experience in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics are more important now than ever before. Future leaders in a global economy MUST lead the world through their mastery and use of technology and science.

Through grants and partnerships with corporate and educational organizations, Corporations, and others, Valor Military School strives to provide students with the finest equipment and instruction possible. At VMS we make STEM work for our students. Valor Military School’s dedication to a solid STEM education permeates the curriculum and classroom culture in a number of ways. Below are a few examples of how FMS is embracing STEM to ensure that our students are equipped to succeed and lead in college and beyond.

Students in Valor’s Mathematics courses are encouraged to “think outside the box” and envision the practical (and essential) applications of Algebra through a classroom partnership with Engineers Teaching Algebra. Engineers Teaching Algebra brings an engineer into your classroom to make algebra lively and real and to promote STEM education. It’s not a lecture or presentation but an engaging, hands-on experience with activities that are challenging, fun & relevant.

Students interested in exploring careers in medicine or medical science benefit greatly from a unique opportunity at VMS through the National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists. The Academy was chartered as a nonpartisan, taxpaying institution to help identify, encourage and mentor students who wish to devote their lives to the service of humanity as physicians, medical scientists, technologists, engineers, and mathematicians.