Guidance and College Preparation

Valor's Office of Guidance and College Counseling

The Department of Guidance and Counseling is designed to channel each student through the school programs and into the college of his choice. The Director of Guidance meets periodically with all juniors and seniors to review each student’s abilities and goals, evaluating them through the administering of national standardized tests, guiding each towards colleges and career paths where they can succeed.

Each student is assigned a faculty advisor who is in daily contact with the student. The advisor is responsible for helping the student with academic or social problems, referring them to the proper source for help. Each student knows that their advisor is available to listen to his concerns and answer questions. In order to keep parents/guardians informed about the progress the student is making, the advisor contacts parents periodically throughout the year.

The guidance director serves as a support to the advisory program and works directly with students in college preparatory activities. A major component of the director’s job is to assist students in the college selection, application, and transition processes. The director prepares students for PLAN in the 10th grade, PSAT and SAT in the 11th grade, SAT and ACT in the 12th grade.

College preparation and application timelines are established with the students and their parents. The director leads college search activities in the Media Center’s computer lab and maintains the College and Career Center. A thorough consultation is conducted with students, teachers, commandants, coaches, and parents in the preparation of the director’s college recommendation for each senior. By the completion of the 12th grade, each student will have:

  • An understanding of his interests, abilities, and values as they relate to careers and post-high school educational opportunities
  • Completed a high school course of study that leads to appropriate post-high school educational opportunities
  • Completed a thorough search of all appropriate post-high school educational opportunities.
  • Taken all necessary college admissions tests and completed the college application process for all identified colleges or other post-high school options.
  • Decided upon the post-high school course of action.
  • An understanding of the demands and responsibilities of his next level of education.